Mahou San Miguel

El valor de cambiar

In 2021, we approved our strategic plan for the next three years, a roadmap that will allow us to consolidate our position in the market and strengthen the role we play in our country’s economic and social development

We leave behind 2021 to set our sights on the future with the excitement and drive that has always characterised us. The pandemic was a source of important lessons and has taught us to be more agile, to prioritise better and, at the same time, to be more flexible when it comes to handling the decisions related to our business.

Faced with this scenario, in 2021 we approved our new Strategic Plan for 2022-2024, a roadmap for the next three years with the tagline El valor de cambiar (The value of change), because the current moment and the new market context require us to do things differently and take on new challenges with courage and humility. We are convinced that this new plan will allow us to lead our company to consolidate its position in the market and to strengthen the role we play in our country’s economic and social development.

With it, moreover, we want to lay out the path that will allow us to make our vision a reality in the medium term: to be an international brewer, a clear leader in beer in Spain and to achieve selective diversification. All while being a company with a soul that uses its cultural transformation, sustainability, digitalisation, innovation, as well as a focus on the consumer and the customer, as levers.

  • To achieve it, this strategic plan lays out five goals:
  • Grow faster than the market, focusing on the consumer to improve our brand power.
  • Improve our customers’ preference for the quality of service we give them and for contributing to their development.
  • Transform our company to make it more sustainable, efficient, agile and flexible.
  • Diversify our revenue sources.
  • Make the mahou san miguel culture evolve to be able to compete successfully in a new context.

This Strategic Plan will guide us in becoming a company that is even more solid, sustainable, profitable, diversified, efficient and innovative, with the strength to compete in the new scenario and better prepared to operate in times of uncertainty.

To do so, we are going to keep evolving, reaffirming our strengths and adapting to the demands of the consumer and society, while always keeping in mind the mission that guides us: creating moments of unity and connection to improve the lives of people and the planet.

Mahou San Miguel