Mahou San Miguel


We left behind a 2022 marked by multiple challenges and the volatility of an environment that obliged us to pay very close attention to day-to-day operations and be more agile and courageous in our decision-making. The lessons learned in the pandemic years have enabled us to be better prepared to manage the business in times of uncertainty and have strengthened the commitment of our shareholders to the long-term vision that has always characterised this Company.

As a result, we successfully concluded the first year of our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, “El Valor de Cambiar” [The Value of Change], a solid roadmap and the best example of how we address short-term concerns with flexibility and agility, without taking our eyes off the future, so that we can guarantee the sustainability of our business and consolidate our role in society.

2023 will be a key year keeping up the momentum of this plan focused on five goals:

  • Grow faster than the market, focusing on the consumer to improve our brand power.
  • Improve our customers’ preference for the quality of service we give them and for contributing to its development.
  • Transform our company to make it more sustainable, efficient, agile and flexible.
  • Diversify our revenue sources.
  • Make the mahou san miguel culture evolve so that it can compete successfully in a new context.
Mahou San Miguel
Mahou San Miguel

Achievement of these goals will enable us to realise our vision to 2030 and make us a more diversified and international company and more of an industry leader. A path in which we continued moving forward thanks to the commitment and hard work of our employees, who are the true engine of change that makes us evolve to be better prepared for what’s to come. And, of course, thanks to the confidence our customers, suppliers, distributors and consumers, who choose us as their travelling companions.
Together with all of them, we work day after day to build the best possible future for all of us, preserving our long-term vision and our fundamental purpose as a Company: to create moments of unity and connection to improve the life of people and the planet.

Because companies, like people, have a purpose that is fundamental to their existence and to their mission to excel and have a positive impact on the world. That’s why at Mahou San Miguel, behind everything we do and every decision we take, there is a reason that goes beyond profits. And that is that we consider ourselves to be just another citizen, with the responsibility and commitment to promote progress and the common good wherever we are present.
A purpose that, like our values and know-how, is transmitted from one generation to the next and that is present in everything that carries our name and that of our brands. It’s the maxim that guides us and allows us to enjoy the path with the tranquillity that comes from doing things well and the mission of building a better future for everyone with every step we take.