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2021 statement of non-financial information
Mahou San Miguel
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Mahou San Miguel

Letter from the chairman

Responsible progress, a shared benefit
José Antonio Mahou Herráiz

The year 2021 was challenging and difficult but also an exercise in which we made significant progress, paving the way for our transformation and consolidating our leadership and value contribution to society.


The essence of who we are

We are a family-owned, 100% Spanish company, the leader in the brewing sector in our country, and we have a strong international presence. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team of professionals, we have never stopped growing and diversifying our business in our 130-year history.

Mahou San Miguel
million euros
Sales volume
Main investments
million euros
Contribution to the spanish economy
million euros
Investment in social action
million euros

The value we contribute

In 2021, we played an active role in contributing to our country’s economic and social progress, because we are convinced that we must be an agent of transformation in society that promotes its development.

Support for our on-trade customers
million euros
suppliers of which,
are Spanish
Domestic purchases totalling over
million euros
Direct employment in
autonomous communities
indirect jobs related to our business
We were recognised as the best brewer for our efficient service

Integrative well-being

We want to pursue our mission to promote integrative well-being. To do so, we work every day to make sustainability more tangible across our value chain, based on what matters to people.

Vamos 2030
In 2021, we presented vamos 2030, our new strategic framework for sustainability for the next decade, to which we are dedicating more than 220 million euros
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Vamos 2030 Towards the future we want to see

1/ Progreso

We were pioneers in providing our customers with recycled and recyclable terrace furniture.

We distributed more than 40,000 sustainable sun umbrellas that provided a benefit equivalent to a forest with 80,000 trees.

2/ Hábitat natural
We promote the
circular economy

We also switched to 100% recycled and recyclable plastic for our Solán de Cabras 33 cl and 75 cl bottles, so that the entire range is now made entirely of other bottles.

We are committed to
energy optimisation

We reduced our natural gas consumption by 68% at our Burgos production centre thanks to a joint energy efficiency project with Verallia.

We promoted the
sustainable and
efficient mobility
of our fleet

Impulse award to the Best Sustainable Mobility Project in a City, for the sustainable mobility plan for our employees in Granada.

Star awarded to Taisa as a member of Lean&Green, for its progress in the process of decarbonising its logistics operations.

And we worked to
become carbon
neutral by 2040

We reaffirmed our commitment to becoming carbonneutral by 2040 by signing The Climate Pledge in order to meet the target of the Paris Accord ten years ahead of schedule.

3/ Bienestar

We used a variety of to encourage a more social and healthy lifestyle, and we raised awareness about the need to adopt sustainable habits, encouraging conscious consumption of our products.
The well-being of our employees, consumers and, in general, the general public is a key principle that underpins Vamos 2030

Fundación Mahou San Miguel

Since 2013, we have been channelling this social spirit through the Mahou San Miguel Foundation.

+ 2,000 personas received support in their job searches thanks to our partnership with Cruz Roja.

Our employees dedicated more than 4,700 hours to collaborating in volunteer initiatives.

“Creamos Oportunidades en Hostelería y Turismo” Programme

  • 7 cities
  • + 1,000 students in eight editions
  • 230 participating on-trade establishments

People at the centre

We put people at the centre of our decisions, always prioritising the well-being of a team made up of the best professionals the Company could ever hope for and that makes us proud of the big family we have built.

Our commitment to quality employment was once again RECOGNISED by Merco Talento, which ranked us at number 13 of the 100 best companies to work for in Spain.

Protecting the jobs of our team

We continued working to ensure diversity, equality and inclusion

We were once again recognised with the “Equality in the Workplace Seal of Distinction” from Spain’s Ministry of Equality.

Employment at Mahou San Miguel continued to be stable, with 194 new hires, 11.5% more than in 2020

And we have a team that is becoming more and more trained, connected and digital

We invested a total of 912,000 euros in training programmes, which served 3,123 employees and represented over 89,300 training hours.

Work-life balance and flexibility continues to be a priority for Mahou San Miguel

We renewed the EFR Certificate with the rating of Excellent, the only brewer worldwide to achieve this, making our company a leader in work-life balance.


Brands that connect and entice

In 2021, our brands launched a variety of initiatives for becoming closer to consumers. To do so, they innovated constantly, developing winning new propositions and experiences that connected people and consolidated our position as promoters of beer culture in Spain. At the same time, we played an important role in the recovery of consumer confidence in a complex context for everyone.

We continued promoting innovation with differential products and experiences.

New launches

Keg version of Mahou 0,0 Tostada, second edition of Las Numeradas, new image with Alhambra Lager Singular, Founders All Day IPA in a can, Solán de Cabras Vital (Limón y Chinnotto), the transformation of San Miguel Magna 0,0 Roja into Magna Tostada 0,0

Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento Lanzamiento
Mahou San Miguel


Through El Patio de Mahou, Corona Paradise and the Jardín de Cervezas Alhambra, our brands created spaces for fostering experiences around our products and socialising.


Somos familia campaign

In 2021, we put the final touch on the Somos Familia campaign, in which Mahou, San Miguel, Cervezas Alhambra and Solán de Cabras once again joined forces by featuring real stories in the on-trade world to illustrate their support for this sector, because there was still much left to be done to achieve their true reactivation.

Somos familia

2021: a year that tasted like awards

We continued garnering recognition with our brands, ending the year as the most-awarded company in beer competitions.


Mahou was the most-awarded portfolio of Spanish beers in the world

Andalucía Excelente Awards

Solán de Cabras
2021 Monde Selection

San Miguel
Superior Taste Awards

Our beer brands were recognised in the World Beer Awards and in the World Beer Challenge

A family made up of over 71 top-quality spanish and international brands

It includes iconic brands such as Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial Alhambra Reserva 1925 and Solán de Cabras natural mineral water; pioneering products in their category, like San Miguel 0,0, San Miguel ECO and Mahou Barrica; and we also have brands like Mahou Cinco Estrellas Sesión IPA, which is made collaboratively with our U.S. brewer, Founders Brewing.


Brands Madrid a place for
getting together


Brands Magnificent cities, Málaga.
San Miguel Magna


Brands Alhambra Numeradas


El valor de cambiar

2022-2024 Strategic Plan, a roadmap for the next three years with the tagline El valor de cambiar (The value of change) that will allow us to consolidate our position in the market and strengthen the role we play in our country’s economic and social development.

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